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"Beata O'Connell is not only a talented and skilled artist, but is a great teacher for children and adults alike. My daughter has taken a few classes with Beata and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to be at most of the classes with her. Just sitting in the background, even I, as a university graduate with a fine art degree, have learned more about art. She starts out by giving lessons on the foundations of art and design and then gives her students projects to explore those concepts and ideas such as line, color, texture and pattern. She also teaches some art history, introducing students to art masters who have relevant work that highlights the concepts she is teaching them. The projects are fun and sometimes challenging, but fit well with each age range. Beata doesn't just encourage students, but also redirects them if they are getting off track and continues to work with them on their techniques if they are having trouble mastering some of the skills. In the end, the students end up with projects worthy of framing or displaying in a gallery or in a home. She has made connections with local gallery owners so that her students can have their own gallery opening and show their artwork in a professional setting. One more thing Beata does is not only critique the students' work, but help them learn to critique their own work and their classmates' work. It is a safe space and each can find something strong in the others' work while also giving suggestions on what can be worked on in the future. All in all, I think Beata is a brilliant and nurturing teacher, bringing out the best in all of her students and showing them all that they can also be artists." - Prisca L.


"Beata is an incredible and professional art teacher. Her adult workshops are unique and fun, and you walk away with beautiful artwork you can hang on your wall. My kids have been in her classes for a year and LOVE them. They learn in an age appropriate manner, my daughter is 6 and learned about line and colour this year, and walked away with stunning projects that are original and beautiful. I would HIGHLY recommend Beata's classes for children as well as her adult workshops. Its also worth having a drive to her studio to see (and purchase) her artwork! "  - A. Tempelaars





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